A pure Java library for OASIS Open Document files manipulation


Why using jOpenDocument?

jOpenDocument is a mature and innovative library already used in commercial applications to create and display documents.

The code has been in production for 3 years and our applications already generated more that 50,000 professional documents!


Who is behind jOpenDocument?

OpenDocument is a small part of the framework developed by the friendly developers of ILM Informatique who decided to share its code and to maintain it through an Open Source project.


Can I use jOpenDocument in a commercial application?

Yes you can as long as you respect the GNU General Public License (GPL). If you are developing a closed source application, contact us for a commercial license.


Will you provide professionnal support?

Yes. Our goal is to save you time and to ensure that you will achieve the highest levels of performance, reliability, and quality. see our support page.


Is a built-in text viewer planned?

The built-in spreadsheet viewer was developed in about 2 weeks. Based on our customers’ needs we focused first on the spreadsheet viewer and related features first. We hope to provide a complete built-in text viewer based on customer (you?) demand.


Where should I deliver Mac Pro(s), Sun Fire servers or any goodies to boost your productivity?

ILM Informatique
22 place de la libération