A pure Java library for OASIS Open Document files manipulation

Getting Started

Java developers will find here all the practical guidance they need to use the jOpenDocument library to manipulate document files.

We only support the Open Document format, which is a is a free and open file format for electronic office documents, such as word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and charts.

Use of JDK 6 is recommended, but you can use JRE 6 or JavaEE 5 from Sun Microsystems.


Need more?

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Create a spreadsheet

This section explains what you need to do to create a spreadsheet document from scratch.

All the black magic XML generation is done by our library.


Modify an existing spreadsheet

This section introduces you to some of the features of the library to manipulate existing spreadsheets.

Fill and customize your documents easily !


Display and print a spreadsheet

This section shows how to display and print a spreadsheet. Everything is done in Java and does not require any external application.

(We developped these features because interacting with OpenOffice trough UNO was too slow)


Merge mutiple text files

This section explains how you can concantenate text file without having to deal with style collision and other fun stuffs.


Fill your text document

This last section describes how to fill text documents, hide paragraphs and it introduces all the possibilities of the text document generation.

If you ever wanted to create your template directly in OpenOffice, you are in the right place.